Have the Sex You Want
Want the Sex You Have!

A 90-Minute Seminar You Don’t Want To Miss

Married women in long-standing relationships
who want to stay married:

No matter what ANYONE tells you -
You should always be able to have great sex AND you CAN
get back to the point where you WANT to have it!
Do not for one tiny moment ever feel that you
HAVE TO have sex with your husband. Not ever!
Wouldn’t it be incredible to get your desire up
AND and to actually have great sex all the time?

  • Do you and your husband have mismatched sex drives?
  • Do you suffer from sexual frustration?
  • Have you ever felt that sex is your “wifely duty”—and as a result, you hold secret (or not so secret) resentment about “having to please your man”?
  • For the same reason, do you feel guilty if you “deny” him or yourself?
  • Does your husband want more sex - and says so - until you’re both ready to burst from the pressure?
  • Is the emotional intimacy, laughter, and delight you once knew with your husband waning because you just aren't on the same page about sex?
  • Do you want to rediscover your passion for sex?

Alarming statistics:

50% of women find sex depressing, a hassle, or embarrassing.

50% of women say they don’t care much about sex.

1/3 of women are simply too tired.

While studies show that over 1/2 of women want to feel more desire and over 3/4 acknowledge that sex is important in a marriage, I see the statistics of dissatisfaction in the bedroom growing scarier each year!

It is time for all of this to END!

First, let me assure you there is absolutely nothing wrong with you if you don’t want sex as much as your partner does. There is also nothing wrong with you if you have been having sex with your husband when you really didn’t want to – we’ve all done it! Let’s face it, raising a family, having a career, a lot of life can get in the way of a satisfying sex life.


Wouldn’t it be amazing if you only had sex when or even if you wanted to – forever?

Wouldn’t it be magnificent if you felt in control of your sex life?

Wouldn’t it be incredible if you never felt bad about sex ever again?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you started to enjoy sex again?

This is not a pipe dream! You can have all of this.

I invite you to join me for:

“Have the Sex You Want
Want the Sex You Have!”
Free Tele-Seminar Especially for Married Women
Coming later in August!

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This Call Will Reveal...

  • All the reasons you continue to have sex when you don’t really want to.

  • The impact this guilt-induced-sex has on you (you may be surprised at all the areas affected)!

  • The reason you aren't enjoying sex like you could be.

  • The most important first-step to end your stress around sex once and for all!

  • What steps to take to stop the pressure so you only have sex when you want to and so that you feel great when having it.

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Sex is a vital component to a good, solid, long-lasting marriage, AND it is NOT Healthy to Have Sex When You Don’t Really Want To!

Your first step to feeling better about your sex life is to stop engaging in the dangerous behaviour of having sex when you aren’t into it.

Part of you knows this is bad for you - bad for your body and ultimately bad for your marriage. Sex against your will builds resentment and anger. You likely have feelings towards him that he doesn’t even know about. Heck, you may not even know about them! And they’re coming out “sideways.”

All of this is completely natural, AND
you DON’T have to do it anymore! In fact, you CAN have the sex life of your dreams!

This tele-seminar (i.e. conference call) is for you if:

  • You secretly hope he’s sound asleep when you creep into bed at night.

  • You take a little longer getting undressed until you’re sure he is asleep.

  • If that doesn’t work, you lie on your back creating to-do lists until he’s “done.”

  • You want to enjoy sexual intimacy again.

  • Now that the kids are older or gone, you’re diving into new projects to keep you “too busy” for sex.

  • You’re letting your appearance go.

  • You haven’t had sex for months now…

  • Sometimes you do want sex—but not the way you’re having it!!! You want it to be on YOUR terms.

The fact is, you know deep down that your sex life (or lack thereof) is not doing either of you any good—but you just don’t know how to change things. You want to feel and be seen as a sexy and desirable woman, not just mom, housekeeper, and cook.

I Tailor-Made This Call Just for YOU! You Will Learn:

  • Why you seem to naturally fall into this place of avoiding sex or not enjoying the sex you have

  • The 3 ways having bad sex impacts your life

  • The very first step you MUST take to gain control of your sex life – and we'll do it right on the tele-seminar!

  • The very next steps to take so you stay in control and start having the sex you want to have!

  • And much more….

So why am I the one to help you?

I help save marriages by working exclusively with women because they set the tone for true intimacy and passion in the bedroom.

As a Sex Educator for women, a Professional Coach certified by the International Coach Federation, and founder of an adult sex toy company in 1998, I’ve helped thousands of women gain sexual empowerment. I’ve written two books (G-Spot PlayGuide and Great Sex for Hard Times), produced a DVD program helping women rid themselves of incontinence, and regularly appear in newspapers, magazines, radio and television.

I teach sexual empowerment to women, when I could do anything else, because I am here to eliminate the legacy of insecurity and shame women have carried for centuries enabling them to finally express their sexuality honestly and the only way to do that is for them to discover their unique truths about sex, create their own rules, then fully embrace them before confidently sharing- a process I teach in my "Sexual Code" programs.

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Enter your first name and valid email above to receive the details for 'Have the Sex You Want, Want the Sex You Have'. You can rest assured that all information is kept 100% confidential.

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I believe we are here to create a world of love, acceptance and peace with one another—and we can only achieve that when we authentically love, accept and find peace within ourselves, listening honestly to our own hearts and living according to our own ideals and truths.

Let’s get started on YOUR own ideals and truths around sexuality.

Be authentic and live a life of passion in whatever you do,

Kim Switnicki

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