Readers Erotic Stories Archive

  • The Cottage

    The Cottage

    A vampire plans a romantic weekend at the cottage for his wife's period.

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  • Measures of Time – Erotica by Rosebrier

    Measures of Time – Erotica by Rosebrier

    An erotic piece by Rosebrier as submitted. Warning, explicit language. Measures of Time The exotic looking cocktail was placed in front of her. She looked up from her book and caught the eye of a handsome man. He politely smiled and raised his drink. Seated beside him at the bar was a younger man who […]

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  • Attachment – Erotica by Rosebrier

    Attachment – Erotica by Rosebrier

    Erotic poem from a reader, Rosebrier.

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  • Sundays – Erotica from Rosebrier

    Sundays – Erotica from Rosebrier

    Erotic poem from a reader

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  • The French Quarter

    The French Quarter

    I wait anxiously, resting both elbows on the narrow railing of the balcony. It was one of many quiet and unassuming rooming houses in the French Quarter.

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  • My Sleeping Beauty

    My Sleeping Beauty

    She basked in the delight of the early part of her day; the birds twittering outside her kitchen window, the sun creeping through the blinds casting streaks of gold along the sparkling countertop, and the solitude allowing her the luxury of private thoughts to permeate her entire body.

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  • Salty Tear

    Salty Tear

    The exquisite memory returned, carrying goosebumps like an expensive alligator handbag. It triggered her soft, delicate hairs to curl up and over like palm trees that swayed outside the window on that sultry Mexican night. A rivulet of sweat slid between elegantly placed shoulder blades, trickling down softly, aware of the unique contours of her. […]

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  • Welcome to My Freak Show

    Welcome to My Freak Show

    Welcome to my freakshow The big top’s in town One night only To pleasure your senses Anticipating The lights go down That’s my cue, let the show begin There will be no guide wires Nor safety nets Shaking In a complete frenzy Searching out our souls It’s so hard and clumsy Like tasting your first […]

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  • Dark Prince

    Dark Prince

    My new found liberty had me doing countless things she would never approve of: the late nights out, the long mornings sleeping in, the men that I brought home every so often in an attempt satisfy my new found-desires…

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  • Fantasy Dance of a Harem Girl

    Fantasy Dance of a Harem Girl

    How to come to you? Should she dress in some sheer silk robe, let the caress of the material flow over her soft skin, tantalizing her with every move she makes? Should she be more modest, a velvet robe, closed only partly so the treasures of her body peek and hide from your view as she moves

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