Nudity is Natural so Leave Nude Beach Alone

The following video outlines the situation in a small southern Vancouver Island Community. Would love to know your thoughts! There are very few ‘clothing optional’ beaches  and I agree that posting a sign that indicates it is clothing optional is the best way to go for all concerned. If you do go down there as an adult without realizing it is a nude beach and become uncomfortable, you can choose to leave or face your fears and stay. What a great way to connect with your own inhibitions about showing off your body. None of this has anything to do with the nudists on the beach – it is about you!

If you bring children to the beach and notice nudity, what a great opportunity for a lesson in personal choice, gender differences, etc. This is sex ed at its most natural! Remember that whatever you do in this situation, you are teaching your kids something very powerful. Will you saddle them with your own inhibitions, uptightness or queaziness or will you liberate yourself thereby offering them the chance to grow up with healthy attitudes about nudity and self expression and choice and acceptance. What will you choose??

And if you’ve never tried nude volleyball or swimming naked in the ocean, you haven’t lived a true west coast lifestyle ; ) (tongue in cheek so to speak).

For ideas and ways to spread positive, open, healthy messages about sex to your kids, drop by the Commercial Expo at the VIEX this Saturday August 20, 2011 at 6:30 pm for my presentation on the
Top 10 Mistakes Parents Make When Talking With Their Kids About Sex
(and how to overcome them so you both feel more comfortable!)

Kim Switnicki, ACC

Rediscover your passion for sex so you can have a juicy, loving relationship that lasts!

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