RRSPs, TFSAs and Your Pleasure Bank Will Increase Prosperity

With RRSP season soon coming to a close, there’s a lot of discussion about whether RRSPs or TSFAs are the best option for your future. Another important option for women is to increase the balance in their Pleasure Bank for future romantic prosperity.

Women have inherited a legacy of shame, fear and embarrassment about sex from their mothers and grandmothers. They’re born into a society offering double standards about sexual behavior (stud vs. slut), mixed messages from Hollywood and the media about what ‘sexy’ is and their first time experiences are usually not so pleasant. When boys lose their virginity, they feel elation, excitement and the joy of finally ‘becoming a man’!

Since the ladies often start out with a negative balance in their Pleasure Bank, let me share with you four ways they can top it up – with L.O.V.E.

1. Learn effective communication skills and apply them to conversations about your intimate relationship. He doesn’t ‘instinctively’ know what you like, even if he loves you! He wants to give you exactly what you want – but you need to let him know what that is.

2. Open up to being responsible for your own pleasure. No-one has ever given you an orgasm. You ‘allowed’ it to happen. We often blame or give credit to our lovers, when it is always us who control our satisfaction.

3. Vacation in the tub! Have two to three sensual baths every week. Add candles, soothing music, oils, something tasty to drink and a romance novel to read. Remind yourself of your sensuality and remember you are a woman before you are anything else (such as mom, teacher, boss, wife, etc.)

4. Explore your Sexual Truths – find out what all of your turn-ons and turn-offs are. Replace old beliefs or programming from childhood that don’t serve you with ones that nurture your sensual side. Get clear about how often you want to make love or how important it is according to you, not according to friends, family, magazines, movies, television or your neighbors.

Divorce is a very costly experience so boost the balance in your Pleasure Bank instead.

I am offering a free ‘couples only’ workshop on March 6 2011 at 2 pm at Nanaimo’s West Coast Women’s Show at Beban Park to help you get back on the same page as your lover.


Kim Switnicki, ACC
Sex Educator & Intimacy Coach for Women
Rediscover your passion for sex and have a juicy marriage that lasts!


Author of “Great Sex for Hard Times” and “G-Spot PlayGuide: 7 Simple Steps to G-Spot Heaven!”

Free Report here on the Top 10 Ways to be a Sexier, more Confident Woman

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