Busy is no Excuse to Let Your Love Life Slide During Holidays

It’s that festive time of year where people are rushing around doing last minute preparations, buying last minute cards and gifts and making last minute social plans.

Don’t add your sex life to the last minute list too. I recently manned (or is it personned?) a Salvation Army Christmas Kettle ringing my bells and wishing folks a Merry Christmas as they dropped in their donations. This is a busy time of year for me as well, and though I may grumble a wee bit about how much work there is to be done still, I volunteer a few shifts each year knowing it will make me feel great. And each shift does the trick! Taking a break from my own business and life to help others is a very rewarding experience as I’m sure most of you know. I catch people with eye contact, ringing my bells, dancing a jig or simply by saying hello to get their attention. I love the smiles I can bring to the scowling rushing faces that go by at the grocery store where I like to do my shift. The store has holiday music, I’m under cover in case it rains or snows and I know I’m cheering up the folks who smile back at me, take the time to stop and rummage around in their pockets for change and drop it in the bowl knowing they are helping those less fortunate.

I was thinking about how this applies to our sex lives as well. When life gets harried, we tend to let our romantic attentions drift. Have you ever had sex after a bit of a longish break because you were so busy to discover that WOW – this feels good! Perhaps you thought “We should do this more often because it sure is fun and I feel great right now!” I know I have.

Please take the time this holiday season to snuggle up with someone you care about, plant some kisses whether you see mistletoe or not and remember that sex as an expression of love is one of the most powerful ways to heal – not only for you and your partner, but for the whole world.


Kim Switnicki, ACC
Sex Educator & Intimacy Coach for Women
Rediscover your passion for sex and have a juicy marriage that lasts!


Author of “Great Sex for Hard Times” and “G-Spot PlayGuide: 7 Simple Steps to G-Spot Heaven!

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