Dark Prince

I tossed restlessly in my bed, the glow from the street light shone through my window like a minute, iridescent sun. I closed the curtain to darken the room, but still found myself anxiously twisting; the soft cotton sheets sliding between my legs only intensified my frustration. I tried to lay still for a moment, and rumbled with irritation when I realized I wanted more – so much more.

I decided to take a walk, maybe the fresh air would help. I recalled my mothers warning as I pulled on my jeans.

“It’s not a good idea to walk the streets at night dear, there are just too many monsters now-a- days, and you could get hurt, or WORSE.”

My new found liberty had me doing countless things she would never approve of: the late nights out, the long mornings sleeping in, the men that I brought home every so often in an attempt satisfy my new found-desires…

My mother would throw a fit if she knew how deviant I had become, but there was definitely no risk of her finding that out now, I was a free woman, and I was going for a walk.


The streets were relatively empty, save for the occasional taxi driving by. I made my way deeper into the concrete jungle, taking note as the sounds intensified around me. When I approached the pub, I reached into my pocket and scolded myself for leaving my ID at home. Sure I was old enough to drink, but my small frame and pale skin always betrayed my true age. A few feet from the door I sat on the front step of the neighbouring book store, evaluating my chances of getting served. After a few moments of deliberation, I stood up and was about to go in, when a tall stranger stepped out from the laneway, almost barreling me over.

“Excuse me.” He tilted his head apologetically, sizing me up as he did.

His voice sang to me, and I felt utterly taken aback as I examined him up close. His tall, muscular and yet lean body stood more than a foot taller than mine. I had to pull my head back just to see his clear, emerald eyes, dazzling smile and short black hair.

It took me a moment to catch my breath, which he appeared to notice, and smiled.

“It’s no problem. I was just heading into the pub.” I blushed at the noticeable attraction I felt towards this dark stranger.

“How about I buy you a drink to apologize? My name is Lucas. And you are?”

Again, I had to breathe. “Oh… ah… April.”

I quickly agreed to the drink and took the arm of his suite. When we sat down and ordered, his eyes seemed to be unreservedly fixated on me, so much so, that I began to feel self conscious. I was used to men finding me attractive, but they way he looked at me was very – different. I tried to confront his stare, but found myself looking away often to catch my breath.

We made idle chit chat, trying to talk over a noisy group of men in the corner. I tried my best to engage him in conversation, but didn’t quite know what to say. I think for the first time in my life I was speechless. It wasn’t until Lucas put his drink down and said he had to get going that I thought my heart would stop beating.

I jumped up. “I should be going too. It’s late.”

He smiled and held out his hand. “May I walk you home then?”

The walk to my apartment was much closer than usual, most likely due to my diminishing time with the handsome Lucas. We walked in silence, occasionally glancing at each other and then abruptly looking away.

When we reached the door, I turned to thank him for walking me home, and found him irresistibly close to me, so close that I could feel his breath on my face and I breathed in his cologne that was caught in the breeze. He paused in front of me, our eyes held together in a painfully immodest dead-lock. I gasped with surprise when he suddenly grabbed me, lifted me from my front step and pushed me hard up against the cold brick, so that my feet now dangled above the sidewalk.

His lips crushed mine and I wrapped my arms tightly around his neck. His hands impulsively slid up and down my sides, feeling every arch and curve to the small of my back, his tongue demanded its way into my mouth, while his hands demanded their way between my thighs. I was surprised at how brazen he was, but I gladly accepted.

I was so enthralled with his kisses that I didn’t know how we got to my bed. His movements were so rapid and seamless that I felt dizzy and thought that I might have been floating.

He lowered me down and without reserve or hesitation he pressed himself on top of me with his entire weight and kissed me harder. My body quivered as he undressed me with a swiftness I had never seen before, and lingered for a moment to examine me in the soft glow from the window.

“Stunning,” he whispered.

His shirt hit the floor and his pants promptly followed. I looked up, amazed at the exquisite creature before me, the light highlighting his every crevasse and defined every muscle. I lowered my gaze and gasped at the sight of his impressive erection. I reached up to grab it and feel it between my hands – and as I lowered myself to him, his index finger caught my chin and anchored it upwards to meet his stare.

“Do you know what you’re about to do?”

I nodded.

“I am not so sure that you do, but I seem to find you so…irresistible. I don’t know if I can control myself with you”
“Then don’t!” I said a firmly.

He searched my face for another moment before flashing me his dazzling and hungry smile, revealing a glint of something devious in his eyes.

I bent lower and took him in to my mouth. His soft moan sent a wave of shivers down my spine and through my entire body as well as his. He pulled the elastic from my ponytail and tangled his fingers in my hair. Strong and commanding his hands directed my movement, while his head fell back with pleasure. He then reached down and pulled me up by the arms so that I could face him, and lifted me effortlessly onto my back.

His hands discovered my naked body, dragging his nails roughly along unseen lines and feverishly touching my breasts. His lips explored my face and then lower down my neck, stomach and thighs – invisibly mapping where he had been. My shivers were amplified as he spread my legs and his lips gave way to his tongue. His polar touch sent fire all through me until I thought I might explode. I reached down and impatiently pulled him up towards me, wanting him more than I could have ever imagined. He hovered above, commandingly secured my hands over my head, and without pause he drove himself deep into me. My gasp revealed my relief as he thrust himself into me, my arms still held firmly above. I longed to reach around and dig my nails into his skin, but his strength was unconquerable, so I bit his shoulder as hard as I could.
With a flip of his arm he pulled away and turned me onto my stomach. He knelt on the bed beside me while his soft cool hands traveled down my back to part my legs again and let his hands run wild before his touch found my mark. I screamed out – it was almost unbearable, I might have been secretly begging him to stop, but his body came forward once again and I prepared myself for his push – but it did not come.
I waited for a moment and looked back to see him silent, pausing over me, his breath heavy on the back of my neck.

“I can’t help myself with you,” he panted. “I don’t…you’re too…” He couldn’t finish his words.

“Delicious?” I said
He gazed at me confused.

I twisted my body so that I could face him, and couldn’t hide the euphoric smile that spread across my face. His eyes were much brighter in the dark, appearing to glow in a clearly unnatural way. I marveled at the sight of them. He slowly opened his mouth to reveal short fangs, and with a hushed growl he showed me just how inhuman really he was. I knew it. I choked back a gasp and reached out to touch his face before I spoke.

“My Dark Prince…I knew.” I whispered stroking his cheek with the back of my hand.

His confused expression seemed now to show his anger.

I took a long, deep breath before I continued. “I knew what you were when I saw you several nights ago outside the pub. I have gone back every night since then to find you. I know it could have been dangerous, but I knew either way, I was meant for you.”

His expression softened and he inhaled deeply, as if breathing me in again.

“You should be dead by now.” He confessed. “But, I can’t.”

His hand came over to stroke my cheek and our lips met – a look of reprieve came over him and I knew I had won. His skin touching mine felt arctic as his hands moved back down across my body. I sighed at his touch, the touch that seemed to feel so right. I prepared myself again for him to enter me, and squealed out as he did. Feeling the smooth glide of his movements sent me into a complete seizure of arousal as his hands gripped firmly onto my hips and he pushed himself deeper and harder into me. He breathed me in deep again with his face buried in my hair and I bit the pillow in front of me to muffle my erotic screams as I approached the peak of my orgasm.

Just as I was about to give in to it he swiftly grabbed me by my torso and lifted me to my knees in front of him. He pulled my hair back roughly to expose my bare, pulsing neck and with one arm around my waist, the other woven through my hair, he held me firmly.

“Do you want it?” He breathed.


“Do you surrender yourself to me?”

“Yessss…” I hissed.

Still holding me upright, he thrust himself back into me until I could wait no longer, his hold grew tighter while every muscle in my body urged me to thrash about with pleasure as he continued. When my body finally relaxed I went limp in his arms, his tongue continued to map my neck, and with one swift move he sunk his fangs in…


As we lay together nearing the break of dawn, the morning rays of the sun were unable to make their way through the now sealed-off window. I did not need to see the dawn now; I knew I would never see it again. But this sacrifice seemed a small price to pay, for an eternity with my dark prince. I was now his eternal princess.

My eyes grew heavy as immortal sleep approached, when the phone began to ring. After 2 rings, my machine picked up.

”April, it’s your mother. Why haven’t you called? You know how worried I get. You never know what kind of monsters are out there…”

Dahlia Knight

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