Fantasy Dance of a Harem Girl

She took a long luxurious bath, perfuming the water with sea mist bath salts, she shaved her legs, the mound of her sex. As she dried she added scented body oil, rubbing it in all over, along her breasts, so when you pressed your face to the firm globes, the scent was of her and the soft oils. Her hands rub the oil across her belly, down over her pussy, along her inner thighs and down the shapely contour of legs. She brushed her dark hair until it was like a veil of silk cascading down around her shoulders, rushing in a soft flow along her back. Lastly she did her make-up, leaving the soft glow of her skin natural. The soft hue of lavender highlighted her dark eyes, dark kohl black outlined, no mascara added to already thick lush lashes, just a soft pink gloss added to her lips, to ensure they held a sheen. When she was done, she stood and looked in the mirror, the mist of the warm room hung around her like a soft kiss of a touch. She smiled and let her thoughts drift to one, to you. An almost nervous flutter felt in her belly.. a flutter that had not been felt in so long,

How to come to you? Should she dress in some sheer silk robe, let the caress of the material flow over her soft skin, tantalizing her with every move she makes? Should she be more modest, a velvet robe, closed only partly so the treasures of her body peek and hide from your view as she moves, so that like a gift she would need to be unwrapped? Or should she boldly, brazenly sashay her lil sluttling self before you, adorned only with what Mother Nature gave her? She stared for many long minutes into the mirror, pondering this then smiled and went to the bedroom. Finding four long crimson silk scarves, the long scarlet material wound around her body, draping them to hide the swell of breast, to keep the line of shapely leg from your gaze, she then slips out to go to You,

Entering the room where she knew you waited, she melted downwards, knees nuzzle to the floor, silk wafts around supple thighs giving tantalizing hints of seemingly endless long leg, her chin drops forward, her entire being stills, her body enmeshed within gossamer softness. From the shadows of the room a strong beat of a drum starts. Each deep note resonating in her veins, pounding into her soul.. Slender body sways from side to side as the erotic current flows through her. Tilts her head back, curving her spine in a delicate arch, silken scarves brushing the soles of her feet, breasts straining for freedom against the taut drawn silk, lithe hips rock seductively to the echoing of the drums. Rising like a regal queen she stands, long scarves draping her soft curves. Palms clutch at the silk, bringing the scarves up along lightly tanned legs.

With each driving pulse of the drums fingers stretch out to retrieve bunches of diaphanous material, beat by beat more of her lush body revealed. Soft gasp as the air caresses the tops of heated thighs, brushing over the core of her desire with feather light kisses. Fingers release the silken strands; billowing scarves lift and fly out as she swirls across the floor. Feet barely appearing to touch down as she pirouettes, then halts suddenly, material swirling about her. Catching two of the silk ends before they wind too tight. The music rises in tempo and with a cry of passion she pulls the ends…twisting and turning to the erotic beat. Searing emotions shimmer from partly closed eyes, growls and lunges forward, the two scarves falling free of her body, floating down to pool upon the floor. One remaining scarf hides from view soft panting breasts, the other is slung over a curved hip, movements becoming slow and sultry. Hips sway, torturous caress of silk fuelling the fire inside.

Fingers curling around the end of the silk strand that covers her breasts, pulling at the material, her head falls back as caress of the silk causes tawny nipples to harden, to ache for your touch. Slender arms stretch away from her body, moving with serpentine motions, drawing the silk from the swell of her breasts, revealing the glory of her flesh to your eyes. Fingers let loose the silken end, twirling away, leaving it to flutter to the floor, feral moans filter through the room as fires deep within surge to new heights. Trembling with raging emotions, tiny hands roam freely over her heaving breasts, each muscle of her legs taut and alive as she seemingly stalks the room. Melts down to bended knees before you, swaying invitingly, and fingers sink into luminous material that hides what she so aches to offer. Head falling back as a sensuous pull brings her senses to a screaming crescendo, her back arches slightly, sucking in her breath as the material slowly glides over the center of her being.

Eyes shine with deep dark fire as she offers a glimpse of her body’s treasures. Fingers curl at the edges of the remaining silk scarf, hips sway with barely contained passion as the music reaches its climax,. Pulling the silk up her curvaceous body, teasing it over her breasts, soft low whimpers filter up to your ears. The flickering of light and shadow revealing a sheen of sweat upon silky flesh, hips rock seductively as the drum beat embeds itself within her soul. With a mighty crash of drums the music halts, lifting the silken strand up to you, voice whispers one but yet completely binding phrase that echoes with desire and longing….”Please take her, please set her desires free”

Adrianna Johnson

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