Measures of Time – Erotica by Rosebrier

An erotic piece by Rosebrier as submitted. Warning, explicit language.

Measures of Time

The exotic looking cocktail was placed in front of her. She looked up from her book and caught the eye of a handsome man. He politely smiled and raised his drink. Seated beside him at the bar was a younger man who was bigger and taller than the first man, but something told her the man who bought the cocktail was in charge.

“Such chivalry,” she thought. She smiled, wrapped her full lips around the tip of the straw and playfully raised her eyes towards the man. Gazing into his face, they made eye contact. He had bright blue-green eyes and she unrepentantly melted. There was an unmistakable attraction, she was interested and always took advantage of a perfect opportunity. Her thoughts were filled with romantic thoughts. Sometimes she wondered if it was more than others would find acceptable, because she explored it every chance she got.
Her motives were simple.

After exchanging smiles, her dark eyes looked down to her papers, and her hands went to her twitching pussy. Feeling it come alive under her reassuring touch, she slowly rubbed her bare legs together, back and forth. She had formed a peculiar sense of awareness of her sensuality that showed a sophisticated naïve style. She wore a black halter dress with wide diagonal strips and tall boots. Her ageless beauty glowed in the darkness.

She eavesdropped to enough of their conversations to establish a quick profile and character description about them. The men were in town as visitors, and they were relaxing over an aging bottle of bourbon. They were casually dressed in expensive clothes. The bold one had a sturdy athletic build and warm skin tones, the kind that sometimes gets freckles. He wore dusty brown trousers and a rust coloured collared shirt. The younger one had cool grey eyes and light skin tones; his pinkish cheeks glowed with enthusiasm. Two tomcats were out on the prowl.

Confidently, the first man stood up and walked over to the table. She nervously brought her hand to her shiny black hair and lightly brushed it.
“Would you mind if we joined you?” he asked, while wearing a sexy grin.
“Certainly,” she said, and she shyly smiled at her stroke of luck.

The one who bought the drink sat down on her right side. He made grand sweeping notions with his arms, as he talked about his experiences. His eyes sparkled as he spoke and twinkled with a refreshing sense of nervous humour. She recognized his nervousness as some kind of strange brew of Scotch broth and Irish stew. Clearly he was used to being in charge, because he sat taller than most, with a strong, archer type looking body. A stray wavy lock of his light reddish hair fell across his high forehead, and he kept flipping it back with a toss of his head. His boyish charm was seductive and induced temptations that were starting the burn in her body.

The younger man was silent but alluring. His looks resembled that of the man on the moon. He listened, as the first one did all the talking. Several times she caught his eyes resting on her firm nipples, exposing a vulnerable turn on to men. Ever so slightly, she moved each time she caught him looking. His extra large-features where dwarfed into a man who had a handsome round face. He looked like a friendly giant with a wide grinning mouth and circular eyes.

She sensed it was time; she stood up just like any grade school boy’s valentine, and whispered her room number to them. Who better to confide a secret to, than two handsome men who soothed and pleased the playboy bunny in her?

“Give me a half and hour to freshen up,” she added, as she turned and left the lounge.

She entered her hotel room and ran her bath. Many of her brain circuits were highly activated, so she quickly undressed and entered the warm water. The calming area of her brain sparked red and started to glow. Her fingers sent shivers that started coming from inside her toes. As she got more excited, the sensation began prickling up the inside of her legs. The wave challenged her emotional gatekeeper, releasing all worries and fears. Her amygdala turned into a calm blue and then completely deactivated. The pleasure center pulsed crimson red and Bingo! Rapid pulsing waves flooded her brain and body. Arching her neck, she fell back against the smooth porcelain and escaped into her orgasm.

Feeling relieved, she stepped out of the bath, applied a soft powder to her damp skin and put on her purple silk robe. Her breasts were alive and responding to even the slightest movement. She dimmed the lights, started to play music, and then there was a tap at the door. She opened the door and they stood in the doorway, holding a bottle of champagne. She liked them even more, and she smiled. The one in charge captivated her. He was intelligent and a shrewd thinker and she felt a strong attraction to him. The younger man caressed her ass as he kissed her, open-mouthed and panting, they clung together: Clearly, she had kept them waiting long enough.

“Please, take me,” she moaned. Their cocks were rubbing against her from the front and the back. She was inside their sandwich. Running her hands along each man’s thighs made her momentarily weak. They rambled their way from the entrance towards the bed. She sat down on the king-size and opened her arms to each of them, motioning one to each side. She wanted one man’s cock in each hand. With quick dexterity she felt for their hard cocks under the fabric, and firmly stroked each one of them. The men groaned and grinded their hips towards her, and sweat started to form under their lips. Her mind was becoming dreamy, and she felt like she was floating away.

She undid the top button of each man’s trousers and felt the pressure of their cocks. One was long and the other was thick. They seemed to gnaw for escape from the familiar surroundings, yearning to be adored and played with. Out one sprang, the bare shaft was erect and waiting, the other one began to uncoil and popped up. She held a firm grip and looked up at the two men who were about to be one with her. Her instincts told her to honour the bond of the triangle. She held their cocks in her hands and stroked each of them, adoring the structure and the feel of the flesh. She took them to her mouth, one at a time, and licked the tips of each cock, as she rimmed their anus. The young man’s head was rolling around and his eyes were closed. The other man’s eyes were wide open and staring into the eyes of the woman who held him. She understood and let him go.

“Open your legs,” he commanded, as he looked inside. “Nice,” he purred. His head moved down between her and he began to lick the inside of her legs, drawing each stroke closer to her sweet juices. Something began to touch her head; it was the younger man’s large hands, moving to cradle her while as he stroked her upper body. The movements of one began to trigger unusual responses from the others and they all dangled close to orgasm.

Saliva was the best sexual lubricant available to them. It sent impulses rushing to her pleasure center, as she heard the sucking sounds of his lips and felt his tongue kiss her most intimate spot. She reached down and pushed his face away, whipped her hand across herself and brought her fingers to her mouth. Her face was wet from the touch. The area for conscious decision-making wasn’t lighting up and she felt flush as her blood vessels began to expand, causing neurochemical and neurological constellations to align for orgasm. She was overtaken by the rush and crashed into the release. Her air was coming in shallow gulps as she fought to fill her lungs. She took a deep breath and fell into a calm sense of satisfaction and release. Each one of them felt the power of the triangle; together they collapsed on the bed.

She was tucked securely between the two men. Wrapped in the smells of their sex, they could feel the heat releasing from their bodies. They were returning to a level of breath that allowed the exchange of oxygen back into the room.

A little while later, she put her arms around the dominant man and made him lay down flat on his back while she mounted him. She was ready for the rest of the sandwich: double penetration, simultaneous penetration of her vagina and anus.

“Oh Yeah,” moaned the man on the bottom, as she began to move her body into a frog-like position. “Tell me when he is in,” he whispered in her ear. Her heart was no longer in her throat, and she was wet. The younger man was now in charge and he slowly caressed her anus and massaged the other man’s scrotum. She felt him slowly enter her anus.

“He’s in,” she whispered. This position put the two men into intimate contact with one another. She reached one arm inside and used her hand to feel the area where all three were connected. Their movements were slow and steady as they found their stride. She no longer felt alone, her mind went blank as animal instincts took over and her body flew free. Suddenly, the man underneath her began to squirm. The younger man was interested in pleasuring both, and she felt him grinding into the other man.

They took hints from one another clues and continued to explore their lust. On her back, she pulled herself into a position known as bridge. Her shoulders and hips were balanced on her petit frame by a narrow waist. Raising her buttocks off the bed she pulled the younger man down into her vagina, like a fishing rod that has attachment to the lure, he entered her. A fish shape would best describe her athletic body type as she rolled her neck off the bed, exposing her arched neck to the other man.

He growled and slowly stood over her head and placed his hands around her throat. He looked closely into her eyes. He saw they were a deep hazel rimmed with bold dark circles, the same reflection as before, categorized in many ways, as an ageless beauty. Using his hands to support her arched neck, he glided his cock deep into her opened throat.

The visual stimulation suppressed all conflicting thoughts and triggered a quick action response in the men. The dominant one’s body began to shake as he cupped his hands around her throat. She used her core strength and raised her lower body so the man at her vagina was able to stroke her g-spot. This quick shift allowed all three to climax at the same time. Simultaneously, shots came from deep inside her, one was charging down her throat while; another shot hit her swollen g-spot.

“Woo, Mmm, Ahh,” the younger man moaned as he collapsed on his knees.
Her body was no longer her own. The sounds of each other’s moans and the touch of their charged bodies made her feel sexier than she had ever felt before.

“Eew, ahh, ooh,” the other one, blurted, as his mind blasted out of his body. His body shook with spasms of pleasure and release as he growled like a grizzly.

Parts of her were touched in ways she had never felt before. Their bodies collided in positions of pure pleasure; every part was saturated until satisfaction. Each one was giving and receiving, allowing them to learn new things about themselves and their sexuality. They explored into the unknown, allowing only their intuitions as guides.

Time was explained in measures of the senses. Manipulated through receptacles of the Divine, the Holy and the Sacred. The time passed in an instant, in a moment, in a matter of who was watching who, and what action was taking place. Sometimes they didn’t know where their physical bodies were in the space, only relying on the connections that were made by circumstances and chance. Energies were directed by the old stories that were told before them, blurring the lines between beginning, middle and end. Sensual experiences defined by grace.

After the men left she realized they had not drank the champagne. She opened the bottle, leisurely poured its insides into the fluted glass and watched the bubbles expand. She looked in the mirror at her naked body and she tilted her head to the right, she began to focus on her breathing, until she resembled her usual self and effortlessly she transported back from her secret hidden goddess.

“My word,” she thought. She was ready for a rest, but that could wait for the dawn, because right now she wanted to soak in the tub and transform herself back to the measure of when two men were one.

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