My Sleeping Beauty

She basked in the delight of the early part of her day; the birds twittering outside her kitchen window, the sun creeping through the blinds casting streaks of gold along the sparkling countertop, and the solitude allowing her the luxury of private thoughts to permeate her entire body. As she inhaled the aroma of coffee and fresh, buttered English muffins, she knew and appreciated what an incredible feeling it was to be alive.

She took a long, deep pull on her cigarette and then butted it out. He preferred no-one smoke before his morning coffee. She put the ashtray in the stainless steel sink and ran the filtered water into it to clear away the only filth marring the perfection of her kitchen.

She drew the mauve, satin robe about her slender waist, picked up the gleaming silver breakfast tray and ventured out onto the plush blue carpet of the hallway. She paused to drink in the sight of the ornately carved, bronze nudes aligning the spiral staircase up to the boudoir. They were some of her most prized possessions.

She shook her head, tossing her long, silken mane of hair behind her shoulders, and brought herself out of her reverie.

Her mind wandered as she started up the steps. Maybe this time things would work out as she’d always hoped they would. Perhaps he was someone to spend her future days with, to raise a wonderful family, see all there was out in the vastness of the world and to grow old, gracefully, beside. Her slim, tapered fingers were crossed, and she decided to jump in with eyes open, arms outstretched and fully prepared to get very, very, wet.

She knew the raging waters of life were riddled with horrendous tidal waves, seaweed, driftwood and the like, but the serenity of still waters and blazing sunsets on its horizon would compensate for the struggles against the undertow or the threat of hypothermia on bitter cold days. She was also keenly aware of the mighty, strong arms that were available to rescue her. She need only ask.

“Back to shore, girl” she muttered as she came to the top of the stairs.

Quietly, her fluffy rabbit-eared slippers took her down the corridor to the darkened bedroom. As she entered, it was difficult to make out his powerful silhouette lying gracefully on the bed. He slept peacefully; a tanned, muscled arm draped over her pillow as though she was still snuggled in tightly beside him. She crept towards the bed and sat down carefully, trying not to awaken him from his slumber.

She was continuously amazed and awed by his beauty. Strong exquisite features were finely chiseled in a soft, supple skin that rippled as he moved. He was aware of his striking good looks and used them to his advantage, but never took his appearance for granted. Any confidence he lacked would follow naturally during the time they spent growing together.

She sensed he could feel her staring at him, so she reached out with a tiny trembling hand and touched it to his face. The roughness of his jaw pleased her. She slowly ran her other hand down his powerful body, alternately squeezing then rubbing his smooth flesh. Her caressing made him tighten his grasp upon her pillow as he continued to “sleep”.

His lips parted and he gently took her tiny fingers into his persuasive mouth. His moist lips and tongue were hot on her cool, dry skin. He nibbled and sucked each of her fingers so tantalizingly slow that she could feel herself closing her eyes and getting dizzy. She quickened her pace on his back, but that made his kisses seem so much slower. She felt her wetness seeping slowly into her robe, now wrapped tightly about her bottom. She swayed and moaned and she could see his lips curl up in a tiny smile of satisfaction.

She pulled her fingers away and replaced them with her lips. His maple syrup eyes opened and she melted into him. Their bodies molded into one another and she could feel his hardness pressing feverishly into her belly.

As he rolled her onto her back, he could feel her nails clinging tightly onto his; he licked her lips, her chin and her delicate throat, and finally settled on gently biting the sensitive nape of her neck. She squirmed and cried out to him. He teased her now, his tongue moving down in tiny little circles to her dainty breasts. He lingered there for a while, driving her crazy with his expert lips and skilled tongue. She knew he could use them to send her to the moon if he crept down between her legs, but she wanted more.

She needed and to feel him deep inside of her, wanted to feel the weight of his body crushing against her with every stroke. She arched her back to reach up to him, but he only grinned and teasingly gave her a peck on the lips and a quick swipe of his tongue. She bit him back and he laughed. His eyes sparkled down at her and her heart raced.

Finally, she couldn’t stand it and she begged him please, please, now. He plunged into her then with such force, she bit her lip trying to catch her breath. He reached down to suck the tiny drop of blood from her mouth. As he crushed into her, she felt the sweat on his powerful back drip down along his side to blend with hers as they slammed together. They pounded out the beat of their love for one another in a quickening frenzy until sensation became a blur of total, lustful passion. Everything was submerged and blended together until she could no longer distinguish between each individual pleasure.

She opened her eyes as she felt him tense. She watched his face and now she smiled as he finally came in a burning, pulsing spasm that rocked them to the top of the big four poster bed. As the last of him spilled into her, she wrapped her legs around his perfect waist and held him close.

She found her “Prince”.

Sexy Sadie

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