Create a Secret Sexy Stash

This is step one for planning the sensual life of your dreams.

Whatever you want to call it, plan some time TOGETHER to chat about your wish-list of all the wonderful goodies you’d love to have at your bedside or when the mood strikes for sensual fun. You may want to do this over a romantic dinner, a quiet evening snuggling after the kids have gone to bed or even while you’re in the car alone for a few precious private moments.

The first tip is to actually write these items down. Yes, create an actual wish-list using a fun pen or marker and fancy paper even! Include things like sensual stories (maybe some you wrote), some spicy lotions, teasing toys, condoms, lubricant (water soluble only!), sexy movies, slinky lingerie and any other libido boosting treats you can dream up!

The second tip is to sit close together while you’re doing it-get physical and touch each other while you develop this romantic accessory list for the sensual life of your dreams. You may decide to lay down to do it or even get side-tracked and make love while you share your secret desires. Whoops! Either way, be near each other, share and open yourself up to the possibilities.

The third tip is to make a plan (with times and dates!) on how and when you will actually gather these delights together to make your Toybox a reality. Decide how you will store everything. A tip for parents: try a cloth bag with a string hanging from a hanger in your clothes closet. Decide who will gather what and by when. Write it down and commit to sharing in the process.

The last tip is to celebrate each phase of your adventure. With your dates recorded, plan a mini-celebration (even a 10 second kiss) as each stage is completed. When you have your list complete, I suggest a grand celebration – get those creative sensual juices flowing!

To help you commit to this fun and sexy experience, email me any stage of your plan and I’ll help you be more accountable. If you need any help with this, please email me and I’ll do what I can to assist you!

I’d love to know how your plans go, so please let me know!


Kim Switnicki, ACC
Sex Educator & Intimacy Coach for Women
Rediscover your passion for sex and have a juicy marriage that lasts!


Author of “Great Sex for Hard Times” and “G-Spot PlayGuide: 7 Simple Steps to G-Spot Heaven!

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