Sex and Chocolate

With the holidays upon us chocolate items are everywhere.  Many of you know the benefits of chocolate as a “pick-me-up”, but did you also know that it can have a positive impact on your sexuality?  That’s right!  A woman who enjoys chocolate has been said to be more in tune with herself sensually.  Chocolate contains phenyl-ethylamine, which is a chemical that stimulates the release of dopamine into pleasure centers that are associated with orgasms.  How cool is that?

While my colleagues search for ways to fit sex into their subject headings, my clientele often finds chocolate more enticing.  A lot of women (are you one?) would take a quick two minutes to savour a piece of organic dark chocolate (my favourite) over two minutes of sex or intimacy.  Am I right?

Chocolate stimulates all the senses, melting in your mouth at body temperature, the smooth texture and sweet aroma heightens the sensuality of the experience.  So I say, instead of choosing chocolate over love-making, add it TO your love-making.  Cure your sweet tooth (and your honey’s) by using chocolate, adding a whole new saucy experience to your bedroom.

Here are some quick and easy ways to add saucy intimacy into your holidays.  Remember that intimacy and sensual/sexual activity greatly reduces stress, so do what you can to reduce the stress for yourself this holiday season.

  1. Create a “bedroom sundae” buffet. Here’s how: Spread out a blanket or a sheet on the bed.  Set out bowls of your favourite fruits, some Kama Sutra chocolate body paint, and whipped cream.  Have your sweetie lay in the center and paint his or her body with the chocolate and place the fruit along the torso, legs, etc.  (please make sure you keep all sugary items OUT of the vagina).  Then enjoy your “sundae” as you eat and lap up every last delicious morsel.
  2. Create a “Sense-ual” experience. Here’s how: Blindfold your sweetie.  Lay on the bed and spread some chocolate body paint, fairy dust, fruit, or all of the above in various places on your body (again keeping out of the vagina).  Once you’ve completed this, allow your sweetie to find his “treats” using his sense of smell, touch and taste. For extra fun, bind his or her hands so they have to get creative with discover.
  3. You can also try ‘sharing’ your delicious piece of chocolate with your lover by kissing and passing it back and forth until it melts – enjoy this variation on the 10 second kiss!


Kim Switnicki, ACC
Sex Educator & Intimacy Coach for Women
Rediscover your passion for sex and have a juicy marriage that lasts!


Author of “Great Sex for Hard Times” and “G-Spot PlayGuide: 7 Simple Steps to G-Spot Heaven!

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