Six Steamy Summer Sex Tips to Reduce Stress reported that: ECONOMIC WOES AFFECTING SEX LIVES: Anger over the economy is affecting Americans’ marriages and sex lives. 57% of people surveyed said that anger over their financial situation is making their relationships worse. Of the 13 percent of respondents who said that their rage about work is affecting their sex lives, 63 percent said it made their sex drive lower. (

So I came up with a few ways (okay-six of them) to help you push those economic woes aside and get your summer sizzle on. In my part of the world, there’s a bit more skin showing as we soak up as much sun as we can. I know it can be tough to get inspired in the bedroom, but isn’t your relationship worth a bit of time and attention? Even if things are going smoothly, these steamy ideas (for men and women – it doesn’t matter which!) are sure to get you thinking a bit more about romance:

  1.  Welcome your man home by undoing his tie (or have a scarf handy if he doesn’t wear one) and lean him up against a wall, blindfold him seductively and slowly undress him (or remove just a few items) while kissing him all over using your whole body. Then see what gets cooking…
  2. Practice my favourite ’10 second kiss’ before bed for one whole week. Surprise him or her with a mint or candy in your mouth or some flavoured lip gloss. Let me know what happens at the end of the week.
  3. Think of 3 things your lover does that make you melt. At an appropriate time (maybe while getting ready for bed) whisper in his/her ear “it drives me crazy when you…” and then walk away or go back to brushing your teeth or whatever. See what happens after you’ve done this a few times!  Now commit and write down on your calendar 6 times specifically when you will do this and then do it! (just like Nike says)
  4. Ladies – consider hopping in the shower with your partner while you’re wearing only a white dress shirt – preferable a man’s – and either ask him to take it/rip it off you now that it is all wet or do it yourself and let the buttons fly! (You can pick up a cheap shirt at any second hand or thrift store).
  5. Plan a picnic for two – it can be in the bedroom, beach, living room, backyard, tent or in a friend’s yard. Pack all your partner’s favourite foods and drink (if possible), wear what he likes you in, do your hair nicely, wear a scent he loves, add lighting and music if you can (explore ALL the senses) and feed him or her remembering to lick your fingers after each bite!
  6. Create your own sexy indoor camping experience. Trade houses with a friend arranging everything in advance to surprise your lover. Put all the kids at your place with your friend babysitting so it is fun for everyone. No need to share beds, just bring sleeping bags and a blow up mattress over or use the couch. Have candles, wine, cheese and a baguette with some music or a movie and create some new summer memories!

Most of these are from my book, Great Sex for Hard Times, and they’re free or low cost 🙂 I feel all romantic now that I’ve written these up 😉 Time to go find my honey!

Variety is the spice of love, so spice it up and let me know how it goes!

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