Kim has a message for you! Listen Here:

Does this sound like you?

  • Perhaps you want to make love more often, or maybe less often.
  • Maybe you want to be more orgasmic with your partner.
  • Or you want to learn how to communicate to him or her, what you really want.
  • Sometimes you aren’t sure what you want, but you know there’s something more!

I am not taking any new clients currently.

“My coaching experience with Kim has been all positive. She is very relaxed and makes me comfortable talking about anything as there is never any sense of being judged or evaluated. I plan on continuing to explore various aspects of my personal life as I have gained both clarity and reassurance that the direction I am going is the right one for me.”
–K.P., Edmonton, AB

What Can Sex & Intimacy Coaching Do For You?

As a Sex & Intimacy Coach my priority is to focus on the most important thing in your world – you! Together, our goal is to discover EXACTLY what it is you want and to help you get it, in EXACTLY the way that will work best for you! Imagine looking forward to making love again. Picture your partner’s smile as you initiate lovemaking. You CAN have more satisfaction, fulfillment and you can feel sexy again. Think about the new mood you’d be in as you go about your day. No more crying yourself to sleep. Consider the fun you can have when you get men wolf whistling to you because you now have a sexy aura about you. Whatever you imagine, you can have!

Studies have shown that real change happens faster and lasts longer when you have support! When you have help and you know someone is rooting for you, holding your hand, laughing and crying with you, you will move forward quicker and more efficiently than if you do it alone. Your friends’ and family’s support is great, but they won’t always have you as their main focus. With a Coach, you are the only one who matters! As your Coach, I help you discover for yourself what your own answers are. You are the expert on your sex life. My job is to help keep you on track to achieving your goals. I use my Coaching skills to help you connect to your own resources, skills and talents and start having the most satisfying sex and the most fulfilling intimate relationships ever!

I am professionally trained as a Coach through Erickson College International in Vancouver, BC. I’m accredited as an ACC (Associate Certified Coach) through the International Coach Federation. As such I am bound by their Code of Ethics.

“Being slightly reluctant at first, Coaching has really given me several tools which I can use at any time to overcome re-occurring obstacles in my life. It’s amazing how, when guided by a professional like Kim, a simple conversation can lift your burdens and enable you to see so much more clearly!I highly recommend Coaching by Kim to anyone at a cross-roads in her life or who needs assistance exploring where to go and how to do that. I always feel comfortable talking to Kim.She never makes me feel like my issues are anything less than important.She provides calm and capable guidance and is always extremely aware of my goals and desires and how to get me there in a way that works best for me!”
–D.A., Corporate Video Producer, Mississauga, Ontario.

How it works

Step 1: You decide what you are looking for and what you want to improve.

Perhaps you want to make love more often, or maybe less often.
Maybe you want to be more orgasmic with your partner.
Or you want to learn how to communicate to him or her what you really desire.
Sometimes you aren’t sure what you want, but you know there’s something more!

Step 2: Coachability Quiz

Then you take my quiz to see how “coachable” you are and if this is the right time for you to seek coaching. My “Coachability Quiz” was developed over the years to help you rate yourself. This helps you see if Coaching is the best fit for you at this time. If your score feels right to you, email me your score or better yet, CLICK HERE and book your 20 minute complimentary consultation. What have you got to lose? AND imagine all that you could gain…. I AM NOT CURRENTLY ACCEPTING NEW CLIENTS.

Step 3: Complimentary Consultation

We connect by phone at a pre-arranged time to discuss your concerns, your goals and if coaching is the best way to get you there.

Step 4: You begin your journey towards a juicy, passionate, loving relationship that will last!

Telephone coaching sessions usually last about 50 minutes and they have been proven to be highly effective and powerful. Plus you don’t have to worry about travel time, parking or babysitters!

I will help you:

  • narrow down EXACTLY what you want
  • discover clear and simple ways to get it that work EXACTLY right for you
  • maintain your commitment to getting what you want
  • listen as you tell me the ways you celebrate your successes!

(If you prefer a male Coach, I can refer you to my partner, Barry Switnicki, PCC, also an ICF member. He has a long history working with individuals, families and groups to help them navigate change and conflict. His work as a mediator, facilitator and trainer also helps qualify him as an expert in relationships. I highly recommend him!)

“Kim is very present and spontaneous in terms of listening to my responses to her questions, and then offering a relevant visualization exercise for me to explore further. She is respectful of our agreement about the time we have together. She effectively makes use of that time by asking me to set an intention for the time, and boldly working together with me to find our way together by the end of the hour! I find Kim to be a refreshing, energizing coach, and very much appreciate how her coaching has enhanced my self-awareness and confidence.”
– Lynn Thompson, Host of Living Purpose,

What Coaching Isn’t

Coaching is not therapy and so we don’t dig into your past to find your secrets or your pain. You will not be diagnosed with a particular ‘condition’ because I believe you are whole and complete as you are and we’re just going to tap into your higher brain to make it even better.

Coaching looks at the present and what you want more of in the future. Remember, you are perfect as you are and you haven’t been doing ANYTHING wrong!

A Coach is there for you when you waver (and you will) and to help you get back on track. I will help you make contingency plans and take the right steps so you set yourself up to win!

Why Try Intimacy Coaching with Me?

Are you skeptical? You have a right to be. Your intimate relationships provide the most powerful connections you have in this world! I know YOU are the expert and you have what you need right now, (whether it’s tucked away or hidden deep down inside of you) to become the lover of your dreams, to have the best sex ever and to be whatever your heart truly desires.

I can’t promise you that you will achieve or become or do anything. What I can promise is that I will do my absolute best for you and with you to help you discover your inner goddess, your truest sensual you who is waiting to be released like a butterfly from a cocoon. I want to help you experience as many ah-ha moments as you can handle!

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took
to blossom”.
– Anais Nin

To Top

How Much Does It Cost?

If you know you’re ready, let me know by email!
We offer 4 options to suit you:

Option #1: Single Session

A single focused session is approximately 60-90 minutes. This session is for you if you know exactly what you want and just need a bit of a push to set you on your path. It is also useful if you want to test the waters to see if Coaching is the right fit for you. You may want to use this as an education session as well. You can use the fee towards an upgrade.

Option #2: Four Session “Jump-start” Packages

Jump-start your love life with a series of four sessions to be used over two months. This package will help you focus on a specific challenge. It is perfect for getting over hurdles and on to the sex life you dream about.

Option #3: Online Group Programs

Contact me for upcoming programs. $ varies

You receive the value of group pricing, the anonymity of the telephone (since most of our group programs are done over the phone and internet or Skype), and the benefit of others’ experiences, learning and the individual laser coaching that is part of the group program. A cost effective and convenient way to improve your intimate relationship.

Option #4 Sexual Empowerment Commitment
$495 per month for 6 months of 3 sessions per month
For the woman who knows there’s more and is serious about fully and deeply embracing her sexuality and taking her life to the next level and beyond! If you are tired of feeling frustrated and you know your relationship hangs in the balance, call to schedule your 20 minute complimentary consultation right now! Take a stand for your marriage. I am not currently accepting new clients.

“How wrong it is for a woman to expect the man to build the world she wants,
rather than to create it herself!”
– Anais Nin

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