I’d like to save you the time and money of finding resources through trial and error. This resource page contains people I have personally worked with as well as others that come highly recommended. Hopefully your life is going to get easier because of the list of resources you have in front of you!

Feel free to recommend this list below to others, they’ll thank you for it and you’ll look great!

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Some Things to Note:

  • I do not accept responsibility for any purchases you make, business you conduct, or relationships you may initiate with anyone listed in this directory.
  • Things can change in the online word. Some links may not work anymore. Please let us know by emailing bad links or information changes to kim @
  • I may receive compensation for some of these listings for referrals as their way of saying “thank you for sending me someone new!” BUT I never recommend any service or product solely for the purpose of receiving commissions…my reputation is on the line.

Sex Help

Options for Sexual Health – British Columbia

Reliable sexual health services and support provided non-judgmentally and confidentially.

Sexuality Information & Education Council – Canada

This organization has a national non-profit educational organization established in 1964 to foster public and professional education about human sexuality.

Sexuality Information & Education Council – US

This organization is a recognized leader in the field of sexuality and sexuality education, publishing numerous books, journals, and resources for professionals, parents, and the public.

Menopause Support
For natural alternatives and solid information to help you through this amazing transition.

Condom Use

Instruction & information on condoms.

Expanded Lovemaking with Dr. Patti Taylor. Listen as she talks with world-renowned experts, authors, and real-life practitioners! Expanded Lovemaking is a fusion of ancient erotic wisdom and self-expanding practices where you learn to share bliss with your partner. It’s a profound, fun, and rewarding path for those who want it all: prolonged orgasmic bliss with the love, intimacy, mental stimulation and vibrant energetic connection you desire.

Created by the Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists of Canada

Has a comprehensive and fabulous collection of some of the BEST sexual information available online! Award-winning, multi-informational site.

Planned Parenthood Federation of America

For Teens

Reproductive and sexual health info.

Sexual health and general teen support.

Personal Resources

The Yummy Mummy Club – is a playful and cheeky site for modern mothers looking for adult stimulation

For Your Business

Experts & Coaches

Become a Lioness Affiliate – If you love the Lioness products, why not make money helping to market them? Earning potential is limitless! The only you need to do is sign up and start earning cash. Don’t wait, sign up now!

The Entrepreneur Success Coach – Discover the secrets to a million dollar lifestyle business! Learn how to surround yourself with a successful team, start doing the things YOU want to do, start identifying the high profit areas of your business. Melanie Benson-Strick is an amazing coach if you’re serious about your business going gold.

Jan Janzen – Jan is an excellent business and personal resource for women entrepreneurs. Visit her website to see her Spiritual Entrepreneur CD success pack.

Michael Port – Michael is the “marketing guru” according to the Wall Street Journal. Visit his site when you’re tired of thinking small. His Book Yourself Solid book is a must read for ANY business owner!

eWomenNetwork.comMember To See Kim’s profile click here.

Software & Service Providers

Audio Acrobat– Bring the power of your voice to your business! Easy to use tools to bring audio or podcasting to life on your website or in emails!

Team Double Click – I recommend you check out Team Double-Click’s website which is packed with helpful information on getting and using virtual assistants.

Stewart McLellan – My fantastic audio guy (for tweaking workshops and audio recordings) and he’s fabulous. Visit Stewart today at

Video help – Bring your videos to life. Ask for Steve at the Port Alberni number and visit their website for details.

Affiliate Program –  Amazingly simple and easy to use with stellar customer service!

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