Here are answers to some of the more common questions we are asked. They are sorted by category. PLEASE email us if you have a question you feel would be useful to have answered here – it will be updated for you regularly!

Are workshops women only or co-ed?
Unless otherwise noted, all of our workshops, tele-seminars, groups and retreats will be

    women only

. We expect to offer unique Couples’ workshops soon – and these will be clearly noted as such!

Is there nudity at any of your workshops?
No. Although some of our workshops are “experiential”, at this time there is no nudity or disrobing involved or required. We try our best to provide a comfortable and totally accepting and respectful environment for every woman.

Do I have to give my real name on a tele-seminar?
No – and that’s the fun part! Since it is only a telephone (conference type) call, no one can see you. There is complete anonymity available. You don’t even need to say anything, although we encourage you to participate to receive the most benefit. Lioness may be privy to your name or other information about you (as provided to us by you), but no-one else on the call will be! Click here for more info.

Are the tele-seminars recorded?
Yes, most of them are recorded. Most of the time people only give their first names on a tele-seminar or even a fun and sexy name they made up! We record them so that women who registered for the call, but weren’t able to attend, can still receive the benefit of hearing the presentation and the delicious conversations. For the attendees; they can then download a recording of the call so they may listen to them again if they want to catch every detail. This way, you don’t necessarily need to take notes as you can get a copy of the whole call later. We occasionally will package the recordings together and offer special pricing for our clients. This can be a tremendous value so keep your eyes and ears open! Click here for more info.

Is there a long distance charge for tele-seminars?
Yes, there usually is. Most of the “bridge lines” (the numbers used for multiple guests to call in on) are American. Since long distance charges have been greatly reduced over the past few years, this is still an extremely economical way to receive the value of a seminar from the comfort of your living room and no travel time! If you don’t have one of the fabulous plans available (Yak for one), we recommend you buy a $5 or $10 long distance card from a convenience store or gas station as they provide long distance for as little as 3.5 cents per minute. So a one hour call may cost you a whopping $2.10!

Where is Kim going to be speaking live next?
Please click here to see Kim’s schedule.

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