Ben Wa Balls are not the same as Smart Balls

I recently shared an email conversation with a lovely woman regarding ‘Smartballs’ which are metal balls encased in outer latex balls so they are much larger than Ben Wa Balls. The Ben Wa type balls are inside the outer layer. She was wondering if they would help her improve her orgasms as well as being curious about how they control the occasional urine leak. She relayed the following:

“The Smartballs were too big to be fully effective. While the “rumbling around” sensation was pleasingly erotic on a low level, as far as strengthening the muscles, well, once they were in properly they took as little effort to retain as a tampon — none. Getting them in turned out to be an issue, too. I suspect it’s because my retroflexed uterus has my cervix lower into the vagina some days of the month than would be standard, but there were days I simply couldn’t manage to squeeze both balls in there!

They’re connected by a thin line of rubber in the middle and though I could slip the first one in no problem, when I tried to get the second one in, they’d be folding up on themselves, sliding against one another. As the second one was pushed in, the first would be coming back out, zipping every which way but IN! It was pretty funny, but 10 times worse than my early struggles with a diaphragm, back when I was using one. (It only took a few days to learn to get the diaphragm inserted properly) But the Smartballs? Most days they’d slide in, but some days, there was no way that second one was going to squeeze in.

Long and the short? I tossed them a week ago, and will be heading for a pair of real Ben Wa balls, and will follow the directions on your site to use them effectively.”

When it comes to stress incontinence, improving the muscle tone in your pelvic floor is not only the most common solution, but also the easiest. I always recommend Ben Wa Balls and learning how to do proper Kegel exercises. The good thing about Ben Wa Balls is that they are small and more difficult to keep in. I personally believe that starting with Ben Wa balls until you learn how to do a proper Kegel program is the first step. Since most women are not informed properly or even half reasonably about exactly how, when and what to do to perform a proper Kegel workout, I developed a comprehensive and complete program (with a DVD/CD and Workbook!) called “Freedom from your Leaky Bladder” to do just that. Most women DO NOT need surgery, just some information, specific instructions, some motivation and then they can get their lives back! For more information, check out my other website at

As for orgasms, any improvement in muscle tone will improve your orgasmic sensation and may improve your general enjoyment of sexual intercourse. If you receive more pleasure through being tighter, then that may improve your chances of orgasm. As a bonus, when you are more snug, your partner will receive more pleasure as well – isn’t that an exciting idea? Essentially, your ability to orgasm starts with your mind so anything that you like more or better or that makes you feel better will help.

The key is finding the right atmosphere, position, and mental connection with your current partner that affords you the easiest path to orgasm. Experiment with different positions and locations. I’m a big fan of self stimulation during intercourse so you can still have the joy of an orgasm with you partner inside of you. No matter how it happens, it’s always a good thing 🙂


Kim Switnicki, ACC
Sex Educator & Intimacy Coach for Women
Rediscover your passion for sex and have a juicy marriage that lasts!


Author of “Great Sex for Hard Times” and “G-Spot PlayGuide: 7 Simple Steps to G-Spot Heaven!

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