Training, Classes and Workshops for the Public:

These course are for the general public and cover a range of fun sex education for everyone from teens to couples. Call for details at 250-753-8692 or 1-888-475-2948.

Top 10 Mistakes Parents Make With Kids About Sex – And How to Fix Them!

For Parents who want to become comfortable handling the questions and conversations that come up around sex and sexuality. Help your child know they can come to you so they find accurate and helpful information that will empower them and not simply scare or entice them. No matter their age, you will be equipped to support them towards a healthy, positive attitude about sexuality. It starts with you.

Teen Sexuality & Intimacy: How to Get Through it Safely

For male or female groups of teens 15-19, learn how to negotiate how to say ‘no thanks’ or ‘yes please’ and do it when it feels right to you. How do you know when the time is right and how far to go? Learn what your options are when it comes to intimacy and how to start and continue the conversation. This isn’t about saying no. It’s about saying yes to the right things so you both feel okay about it. (LOCAL FEE $450 for 2 hours for up to 10 teens)

Mothers & Daughters – Let’s Talk About Sex – and Feel Good About it!

It can be a complicated and confusing time for you – and I’m talking about the moms! This interactive workshop will help you bridge the gap that opens as your daughter grows up. Help her feel comfortable with her changing body, her relationships and with her own female power. Help her learn how to use it wisely and not to throw it away or waste it. You’ll discover a new respect for each other and become closer than you dreamed possible. Empower each other in the company of other women and girls in a safe, respectful and nourishing circle.

Female Sexuality 101

Your mom likely didn’t sit you down and say this is how you enjoy your body and sexual pleasure. So it’s time to go back to basics and have some fun sex education for women! We’ll have fun with the proper names of our sexual parts. You know, the parts we rarely look at (no looking necessary during the workshop) and we’ll learn how to get connected with our sensual selves, our sexual selves, and explore erotic energy in a safe cocoon of like-minded women. We’ll discuss self pleasure and how and why it is important for a vital and long life. Imagine being thrilled to be a woman and fully embracing your sexiness and self confidence! (LOCAL FEE $45/person for 2 hours)

G-Spot Mysteries Solved

Now you can discover G-Spot heaven for the best sex ever It’s your body – don’t you want to know every delicious thing it can do? It’s time to get all the answers about what, where, when and how the G-Spot works. After this workshop, your love-life will never be the same! We’ll explore: your sexual satisfaction, the lower heart smile (a tool to get you warmed up anytime, anyplace!), Isis the Vulva Puppet, the right toys to help you get what you want, the joys of female ejaculation, the best sexy positions to try, the mysterious male g-spot and how to share it all with your partner! Sex can be pleasurable, enjoyable and satisfying whether you hit that G-Spot or not. In the end though, it’s well worth the effort to keep looking for the sometimes elusive but always rewarding G-Spot. Don’t deprive yourself of the joy other women experience! (LOCAL FEE: $99 includes waterproof G-spot vibrator PLUS Kim’s award winning book, G-Spot PlayGuide-a $60 value!)

Couples: 5 Keys to Rock Your Sex Life

For couples who have mismatched sex drives, this workshop will get you back on the same page again! Your lovemaking won’t be like it was at the beginning, it will be even better! Learn my S.H.I.F.T. process for getting your marriage back on track and maybe even into overdrive! No more guilt or resentment sax and sex to keep the peace. Learn the magic tricks to keep her mind from wandering (yes it does!) and how to stay focused on the pleasure of making love. Wouldn’t it be incredible to never pretend to have a headache, to pretend to be asleep, to go to bed after he’s snoring and to anticipate making love? Join me to rediscover your passion for sex! (LOCAL FEE $60/couple for 2 hours-min. 5 couples)

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