Thinking of You

Wee, here we go! My computer is on and so are you, in my mind away.

The thought I had of you this afternoon just hit instant re-play in my head. You were intense! When I looked at the clock I hoped that you were just waking up (with a hard on) or in the shower (with a hard on). Should be your first day off, I think. You may have got my letter today, if not tomorrow for sure. The sensation of you was so intense I had to stop what I was doing. I went to my room. Stood in front of my window and rolled my shoulders forward, I could see my nipples getting harder in my reflection. I reached down to the drawer of my nightstand and slowly slid it open. I had to ruffle through some of my lingerie to find it, it’s been a while since I’ve had this strong a desire.

When my hand wrapped around the shaft I thought of you touching yourself, I let out one of those low uncontrollable moans you bring out of me. I unwrapped it from its cloth and slid a condom over it for lubrication; I looked at the bottle of lubricant but didn’t think I would need it. By the time I sat on my bed my nipples were pushing threw my padded bra. I put my cool hand inside my bra and drew out my full breast, like you do. Then did the same to the other, I want to feel your lips tantalizing my nipples with your warm tongue but my finger tips will have to do. I was right I wouldn’t need any additional lubrication, thoughts of you have me amply wet enough to slid the tip of the dildo inside. I want to feel it inside me while I bring myself to a climax by rubbing my clit.

As I bring back the sensation of your tongue, I tighten around the dildo, pulling it in further. I reach the edge of the wave, I imagine you are master bating and that thought takes me to the crest. I say your name quietly aloud three times enjoying the ride.

Marie O’Neill

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